My First Month in Denmark

First “First place” in the first tournament in the first month

     When I was at University in Armenia, the lecturer of our journalism lesson told us to write three sentences about a theme “The first…”. Of course I wrote something about sports, about winning, about being the first… Now when I won my first tournament in Denmark, I was like: “Wait, I was right!”

     Sorry, I don’t remember what I exactly wrote there and I couldn’t find it in my laptop as well AND I couldn’t find the email that I sent to my lecturer because my email account was hacked… anyway, I finally felt that sweet feeling of victory in my very first local Danish tournament – Li – Ning Valby Open 2017.

     I didn’t expect this tournament to be so huge. And I didn’t expect me to play well either. I used to always fail in tournaments abroad and maybe I have had 4-5 really good matches outside since I started playing badminton. But this one here, I was really surprised in the way I was fighting to win every rally.

     My first match was against my good friend Justine from New Zealand. Before the draws came out, me and Justine had this kind of conversation:

– Lilit, do you imagine us playing against each other?

-Justine, I will kill you.

A week later the draws came out and I was like:

-Justine, am I playing against you?


-That’s what we where saying!

     Few days before the tournament “Lilit vs. Justine” was the number 1 theme in the Centre of Excellence.


Nope, we are friends again 

     …21-10 and Justine wins the first set. What am I doing? Am I actually letting her win? Haha! In the second set I just gave everything and won it – 21-19. What a match! I knew if I could win the second set, the third set was going to be mine either. It’s the beast inside me that wakes up in that very important moments. And it did wake up! 21-8 … yes!  We are friends again.


  1. Playing against your friend is one of the worst things in sports.
  2. I have to keep fighting no matter what happens in the game. That is what my coach Nicola from England was reminding me all the time. And that was the key to my next victories as I went into the finals and won the tournament eventually.
  3. The concept “team” is so much more than a group of people playing together. The support from the “Centre of Excellence” was priceless. It’s so interesting, we are all coming from different cultures and different parts of the globe, we are completely different but it’s so good that we have become a family and we move forward as a team. And the journey goes on…we still have so much work to do!

Lilit Poghosyan