Swedish Open: First tournament of 2018

Traveling to Sweden for a tournament was something I was really looking forward to. I felt it was going to be something different because it was

The first tournament that I went by train

It took just 2 hours by train to go to a completely different country, which is a bit weird as when I travelled from Armenia the shortest trip I had was five hours… by plane…

The second tournament since I moved to the Centre of Excellence

I was hoping to perform better than I did before moving to Denmark. I have learnt lots of new things in these 5 months and this was the tournament where I was hoping I would be able to put all in.

The first international tournament with COE coach and COE team

It’s having a team behind me that gives me a great motivation apart from the songs that I listen to before stepping on court. Feeling that you are a part of a team, remembering all those trainings we are having together gives an extra power to perform the best you can. Most importantly, having our coach sitting behind me and helping during my matches was the best gift I could get.

The first tournament with Kawasaki

Now that there are three lines on the back of my t-shirts, I know I have to be much more responsible. The surname, the country and the sponsor… they give me extra confidence to step on-court.

On the whole, it was a good tournament where I could obviously see what I currently have and what more I can learn until the next one. And the story goes on…

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